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Training dates

 WHITEHILL SURGERY will be CLOSED from 1pm on the 14th June 2023

 for training/education purposes.

We will re-open the following day at 8.30 a.m.

If you need urgent medical assistance that cannot wait until the surgery re-opens then please dial 111 for the NHS 111 Service; for life threatening conditions please call 999.

Please note: We are closed all day for Bank holidays.




As of the 16th of August Whitehill Surgery have started using the services of Livi for remote consulting, to help manage the rising patient need and surge demand.


Patients may be booked in to receive a call back from one of the Livi clinicians, who are based throughout the country, so the call back number will be different to that of the surgery.


It is the same as employing a locum service, the difference being they are not based at the surgery. We have done this to improve access to appointments for our patients.

How to make the most of our telephone system

Please remember to take advantage of the telephone QueueBuster feature.

If you are over 10th place you will have the option to be called back. Please make sure you are not calling from an unknown number or we wont be able to reach you, you will then be called back by a member of staff when the call would be at the front of the queue.

If a patient on a mobile phone fails to answer, or is busy, a text message will be sent to inform them that they have missed the call. 

If you call back the same day as missing our call the system will prioritise the call, so you do not have to wait in the queue again.

If you get a message saying 'Transfer failed' in the morning this is due to the lines being full. We have limited spaces (65 max at one time) in the queue, as patients complained about waiting times when it was unlimited.

If everyone starts to use the queuebuster option we can increase the quantity of places in the queue, as you will not be holding on listening to the dreaded hold music, this also would mean no more transfer failed messages waiting for a space to open up.



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